Knottie LP2121’s Inspiration Board!

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Knottie LP2121 was kind enough to send me her ah-mazing inspirational board!

I love the green and the ivory and the crisp black.  Such a classy wedding! Love it! Thank you so much LP2121!


Knottie Laura’s Inspiration Board(s)!

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Okay so here is what I came up with – all suggestions, no pressure! First off, I absolutley love your dress! I think St Pucchi designs amazing gowns that are exciting, evoke emotion, and push boundaries a little. Stunning. And when I saw it I immediately thought french royalty – and that led me to think about the movie Marie Antoinette. I liked your color scheme – but being inspired by the colors in the movie I switched them up a bit. I thought why not swap a pale blue for the lilac and add a deeper pink in lieu of the silver. I also really like the idea of using huge fans instead of bouquets for your bridal party – maybe in a pale blue or ivory. I really liked the Jim Hjelm dress you picked out – I also love this Priscilla of Boston style PB126 and it comes in a gorgeous english rose. Go to their website and type in the style number and it will come up and you can change the color. I definitely think that the bridesmaids dresses should be long, and form fitting, and formal yet simple to contrast and compliment your gown. With the french theme I love fleur de lis – the cake was on The Knot and I thought if you did it in a pale pink instead of gold and maybe around the side the detail could be those vines of flowers that are in the bodice of your dress to tie it all together. Oh flowers – I think big fluffy combination of pink and white peonies would be beautiful! They are reminiscent of the flower on your gown as well. (see picture below). I also like the idea of having a lot of soft candlelight lighting up the room. Maybe candelabra centerpieces (as seen below but in white not black) and I like these little fleur de lis candle covers or mini lamp shades – again maybe in pink instead of black. I also really like the layered candles on the placecard table above. I would add in the pale blue maybe through napkins or flowers. Or even table clothes if you stick to only pink and white flowers.

Now for the Bridal Style inspiration board:

Again I love your gown. I think you have a lot of options as to what you can pair with it. I’m not really a huge veil fan but I think a fingertip veil would be nice with your gown to kind of frame your bodice and flow into the bottom half of your gown. Maybe if you could embroider it with crystals in the same pattern on the bodice that would be beautiful, or even just scattered christals like in the birdcage on the bottom left. Other options would be the birdcage veils – top right ties in a similar flower and the bottom is just light and airy with crystals that sparkle. The top right hair accessory I thought was similar to the flowers that are beaded into the bodice of your gown so I thought that could be another option. You would really just want to play around with it and try a few different options on. I think a cathedral veil would take away from the back of the gown, however.

As for jewelry – such a gorgeous ring!! Love it! I think because you have a lot of beading on the bodice you probably won’t need a necklace, it could take away from the gown. However, it is low cut enough that you could get away with it – just nothing so big that it draws attention away. I think earings are the way to go as far as where to splurge and go big with this outfit. I love these Noir Chandelier earings. Or any other drop crystal or diamond earings that would tie in with some of the beading in the gown. The model also has a thick bracelet. Theres a similar bracelet by Roberta Chiarella that I added below. I think it would add a nice modern touch.

(Roberta Chiarella)

Well those are my ideas! Just off the top of my head. Take it with a grain of salt – but I hope it helps you get unstuck in your planning process. Good luck with everything and feel free to contact me if you need any more help or ideas!

A Roaring 1920s & 21st Century City Wedding Fusion

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I love the idea of mixing vintage styles with contemporary styles.  Carolina Herrera is one of my favorite designers, and I love this vintage inspired wedding gown.  Jennifer Behr’s headband goes perfectly with the belt on the gown and completes that vintage look.  I decided to go with the bouquet that the Carolina Herrera model has in her hand and use a lime green, black (but black lace) and ivory.  I really love the modern city wedding cake that shows the skyline.  I think that would be perfect for this type of fusion.  Oh and I added the earings, though in hindsight it may be too much with the headband.  It would really depend oh how the headband sets.  I don’t think this look would need a necklace – the simplicity of the look is key.  A bangle or bracelet, however, would be nice. But keep it simple!

First Wedding Style Inspiration Board: The Nymph

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This first inspiration board reminds me of a nymph running through the forest.  The gown comes from the Spring 2009 collection of Angel Sanchez.  It is a flowy romantic and beautifully designed gown.  I paired it with a barefoot sandal and a beautiful crystal headband from Suzanne Couture. The colors were inspired by a stunning bouquet by Castle & Pierpont Ltd.

I got bit by the Wedding Bug!

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I got engaged September 1, 2007.  Since then I have become obsessed with Wedding Fashion.  I noticed that there didn’t seem to be too many blogs focused specifically on wedding style.  I have always loved fashion, and now wedding style has captured my attention.  Therefore, I am dedicating this new blog to wedding style.  I will be providing inspiration boards that include gowns, accessories, and color schemes, real brides and their stylish weddings, as well as details about my own wedding!

Hope you all enjoy!